Gain Confidence through Public Speaking

If you want to accelerate your growth and learn all the skills you need to be a competent and confident speaker in just six months, this is the opportunity for you! It’s called Speaker Sisterhood Express and there are currently two virtual clubs in progress that launched in March 2022.

If you’d like information about our next groups launching, get on the wait list by filling out the form below. New clubs are forming soon!

More info:

Speaker Sisterhood Express is an accelerated six month online training space for women who want to fast track their communication skills so public speaking and speaking up are no longer barriers to accomplishing big goals.

In just six months:

  •  rewrite your story about who you are and what you’re capable of

  • build key speaking skills

  • increase your comfort level while presenting

  • become the confident communicator you always wished you could be

You’ll get:

  • a safe space to practice speaking every month alongside 10 other women on a similar journey

  • speech frameworks that will forever serve you, giving you peace of mind for every type of presentation

  • increased confidence and comfort while speaking in front of groups, on stage, on camera, and online 

  • improved presentation skills that include storytelling, persuasion, slide creation, body language, eye contact, facial expressions, hand gestures, content, speech templates, and audience engagement strategies

  • improved listening skills and ability to give constructive feedback 

  • ease and grace when put on the spot to respond 

  • self-assurance in negotiations, interviews, and sales meetings

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