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Getting started with a Color Match

Often we head into a store or jump on a makeup website and we match ourselves based on the level of skin tone we think we have. We match ourselves up by the inside of our forearm, the side of our neck, no it's the color in between your fingers. I've heard it all!

What's one thing that bras and foundation have in common? Most women are wearing the wrong one! Wrong size bra and wrong color foundation, but we do it anyway. Uncomfortable with a slightly green hue, we carry on through life because it's too hard or time consuming or costly to do anything about it. But not with a custom color match from Me! I will match you with a completely custom compact that will take care of an entire face from brows to lips.

All you need to do? Send me a selfie, facing a nice large window, with no makeup. Use this graphic for guidance. Once you have snapped a pic, you can text it to me at 413-798-4849 or send it to me online at You should then receive a custom color match within the next 24-48 hours. Along with your color match, you will receive details on the next steps to ordering your custom compact. Easy, breezy!

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